Custom Built PC’s

New PC’s built just for you and your requirements, whether a home PC just for browsing the internet/shopping, gaming PC’s, office PC’s or Photo/Video Editing PC’s.

Let us know your requirements and we will suggest suitable builds to satisfy your needs and budget.

We can also transfer all your data & programs where possible! (charges may apply) and ensure you feel as comfortable with your new PC as you did your old one.

All our computers are supplied with a registered & activated copy of Windows 10 or the OS of your choice (i.e. Linux) and are fully updated. Microsoft Office also available pre-installed (extra costs apply).

We only install the following on new PC’s:

Operating System

Office Software



Free Anti-Virus (If required)

So no bloatware/unnecessary sofware that you’ll never use, just useful programs to keep you safe and your PC secure & running smoothly.

Once you receive your new PC you are ready to go!

Contact Details

1 Long Close

West Hagley


West Midlands


T: 01562-885707

M: 07790-627300