Let YOUR Website Work for YOU!

SEO enables people to find your website through Search Engines (Google/Bing/Yahoo etc)

We Know What Works

We have years of experience enabling websites to perform & appear in SERPS (Serach Engine Result Pages). The results are not instant and never should they be promised to be – IT TAKES TIME! (although see below regarding PPC)

Our SEO practices result in long term results and even improve over time when our work has finished…….although with constant change in how websites are ranked by search engines we do recommend continuous monitoring/improvement e.g. mobile friendly sites are now being prioritised more with the increase in usage of mobile devices.

More instant short term results can be achieved through PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns and these can be set-up to work in conjunction with your websites generic SEO results not compete with them.

How do we achieve this?


One of the most important things (in our view) regarding SEO and improving performance is on page content.

There are other factors ALL of which can make a telling contribution to your websites SEO performance – backlinks, social media etc.

We have achieved 1st page results for ALL our clients – whether local, national or even international results have been targeted.

We are not talking results for search phrases that result in a few pages of website links either………we have achieved 1st on Google searches with millions of results!


Target All The Right Keywords

Keywords – the things people type into search engines that you hope will lead to them visiting your site – Quite important things in our opinion!

We look at your business and along with keyword research highlight certain words that truly reflect the nature of your business – meaning higher conversion rates!

Analyze & Increase Traffic and Conversions

Over time and with continuous analysis we can monitor how your website performs and ‘tweak’ things a little here & there improving traffic & conversions.


What We Do

We are not going to give away how we do things or even bore you with jargon that means nothing to you. Contact us and we can talk you through it or see below for a brief overview.


Search Engine Optimization

What it says on the tin really – optimise websites for Search Engines – simples!


Content Optimization

Briefly explained above – making sure your website content truly reflects what you do.


On Page Optimization

This goes a little bit deeper than content optimisation, can involve messing with coding and page delivery…….


SEO Consulting

Ask us about your website & it’s SEO performance – we are happy to consult with you on ways to improve not just it’s SEO but also the website itself.


Data Analysis

A large part of SEO is analysing the data from it’s previous SEO performance, we use this data to improve where needed.


SEO Strategy

Sometimes it is better to optimise a little at a time and concentrate on certain areas in relation to your main business interests/plans – this can be discussed with yourselves prior to any work being carried out.

Let's Work Together!

Our success is always based on your success. If your website does not perform better then we are not successful in what we do………..and we do not like that!

4 + 2 =

PC & Laptop Repairs

Local computer, PC & laptop repairs near you- We come to you!

Areas covered include:-

Stourbridge, Halesowen, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, Hagley, Pedmore, Oldswinford, Wollaston, Wollescote, Lye, Belbroughton, Blakedown, Clent, Romsley, Wolverley, Cookley, Kinver, Stourton, Drayton, Chaddesley, Mustow Green, Stone & all areas in between.

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Website & SEO Service

Our website & SEO services can accomodate clients nationwide. We can optimise your website SEO according to your requirements i.e. Local SEO (immediate area), County or nationwide.

SEO can help any type of business (accountants, estate agents, local/national trades, local & national businesses etc), improving online presence normally at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising.

CompTIA Qualified technicians